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Internet-enabled devices have made the world a small place where people can stay connected 24/7. Today’s kids are more attached to the virtual world than ever before. Excessive use of technology and easy connectivity can put your teens and tweens at risk. So why not protect them with kids safety app?
If your children are exposed to devices at a very early age, you should not overlook online threats like cyberbullying and sexting. And, you must educate yourself well about technology use and its hazards. You can get involved in your kid’s internet world to check their virtual interactions with child monitoring app
Let us take a glance on how to keep tabs on tyke’s cyber world. 

What Is Parental Control App?

Parental Controls are software specially designed to cater your needs to keep a close watch on the child’s digital activities. These apps allow you to filter content, keep control on device usage, and monitor the tasks performed by teens on the gadget.  Let us check the details on how you can control the excessive use of smartphones.

8 Kids Safety Apps for Parents to Monitor Child’s Mobile Use:

1.Bit Guardian Parental Control:
If as a parent you want your child to remain secure from the perils of the virtual world, then this is the application for you. It is a parental control app for Android users where you can add an infinite number of children so to supervise them all at once.
Distinguished features of Bit Guardian Parental Control keeps it at number one position. Don’t you believe it? Then, continue reading to catch more highlights.

A few characteristics of this unique software:

Panic and SOS Alert: What if your child gets stuck or trapped in dangerous situations like kidnapping? How will you reach them?
Here, Panic and SOS Alert come in rescue. When your kid presses the SOS button, a siren will buzz, and you will get a notification on your cell phone. The app also shows the precise location so you can reach your child quickly.
App Block: Is your child spending more time on social media sites or watching harmful content? Then you can activate the App Blocker tool to block the applications which are inappropriate for teens to view.
Time Schedule: Don’t be afraid if your child spends excessive time on the screen.  You can easily control such a bad habit with this child monitoring app.
You can set the curfew hours to allow the use of multiple applications with Time Schedule tool.
  1. Checky:
When you seek an exclusive solution to beat the screen time use of children, Checky comes into the picture. It will give you a total of how many times your kid has checked their phone. You can compare the frequency of device usage from yesterday to today and share the result with your relatives and friends.
  1. Net Nanny:
This kid tracker app is for restricting the harmful contents on the internet. Here, you have to create separate logins for each kid by selecting the category from Child, Pre- Teen, Teen, or Adult. It will automatically filter the contents based on the category you have chosen.
With this software, you can permit web access by defining specific hours for each of your children. Hence, you can easily prevent internet usage during studies and bedtime.
  1. Bark:
When you want to protect your kids from web threats like cyberbullying, you can use this application. This software keeps a check on the child’s online tasks to find any cases of cybercrime.
It provides notification to both bullies and victims. It also gives actions to victims that are to be taken. Well, the general solution this app offers is –  to block the bully. Stay connected to know more.
  1. RespondASAP:
If your child doesn’t respond to your frequent calls or texts, you can take the help of this application.
RespondASAP freezes teens mobile screen and buzzes an alarm. Hence, this insists the child to call you back and requests you to unlock their device. This software can be a better option because the teen has to make the first call to you even before they wish to dial the emergency call or 911.
  1. Bouncie:
If your concern is the child’s driving safety, Bouncie app comes handy. It will notify you when your teen gets distracted from driving patterns.
When children exceed speed, apply hard brakes or move out of the predefined location, you will receive a notification for such acts. You can protect your kid by presetting the virtual boundaries and speed limit.
  1. YouTube Kids: 
This kid safety app enables you to keep an eye on the kids watch history, block videos or specific channels, turn off searches, predefine timings, create a custom profile, and many more.
Pop up ads and links (may be inappropriate) related to the videos your teens may watch can be blocked with this application.
  1. Dinner Time:
If you find your children spending excessive hours on mobiles and neglecting the priorities like studies, family time and sleep, Dinner Time is the need of the hour. You can lock the Android device that distracts your kid from important tasks.

This app works on 3 modes:

Dinner Time: Stops the digital activity of children up to 2 hours
Take A Break: Pauses teen’s online tasks up to 24 hours
Bed Time: Ceases the web activities of kids for any given start and end time
While you have reviewed the top 8 kids tracker app, which one will you choose? Well, you should pick the versatile child monitoring app that covers all the loopholes of the Digi-tech world. Pick the most recommended and exclusive software, Bit Guardian Parental Control.

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