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How to Pick the Right Social Media Management Tools ACCORDING TO NEED

Over the years, there has been a stupendous growth in social media marketing. This upsurge has resulted in the explosion of many different useful productivity apps, tools, software, and assistants. All of these have different features and varying benefits making this growing array of tools both a blessing and a curse.
  • A blessing because it has provided you with so many options to choose from and
  • A curse because it has made hard for you to know which the right tool is for you.
When it comes to a social media marketing or even social media management for that matter, you will need to know, select and use the right tools to achieve the best results and your goals. These tools will not only help you in managing your social accounts and posts but will also help you in optimizing your time and your social media marketing efforts with or without the help of a social media marketing expert or taking a cue from sites like or others.
There are lots of such tools available on the internet for free as well as for a price. With so many available tools to choose from, you may naturally find it difficult to select the right ones according to your needs. Most importantly, you need to make sure that in choosing the one you do not miss on the benefits of another better option.

The key factors to consider

Therefore, there are a few key factors that you should keep in mind in order to make the right choice of tools according to your needs for social media management.

Social media goals:

This means you will first know the exact reasons for using social media for your business. social media is a good platform for personal use and to connect with a friend by sharing a joke or meme but if you are using it for your business purposes you will need to connect with your audience in a proper way and think more strategically. You will need to consider the results that you actually want to achieve by making a social media presence. The tools should ideally help you to advance further towards your goals. Some common goals for social media efforts could be:
  • Increasing brand awareness
  • Increasing lead acquisition
  • Increasing sales
  • Increasing community engagement and
  • Increasing website traffic.

Your needs:

Once you are specific with your business goals you will need to focus on your need for social media and social media management tools. Some common needs can be:
  • Obtaining relevant data to analyze social media performance
  • Promoting collaboration between the team members
  • Scaling social media efforts
  • Saving time on performing various social media tasks and
  • Relieving the stress and hassles of updating social media manually.

Scheduling and engagement:

When you have clear goals set in your mind and have a subsequent understanding of the need for the tools, it is time to refining your focus to select the suitable tools. For this, you will need a little bit of social media scheduling and engagement. This is because you cannot remain active on social media 24/7 as you will surely have other important things to do in your life ad your business. The choice of right tools will help you to set aside time to schedule the social media updates so that they go live just at the time, day or week chosen by you.
However, there are several considerations to make to schedule and manage your social media such as:
  • Queue post: The tool must enable you to set a queue and the time to post your social media updates
  • Repeat post: The tool must also enable you to post an important piece of content on your website repeatedly to increase exposure and
  • Content curating: The tool must be able to help you in curating and post interesting content from other sources automatically in order to keep your profiles active and valuable for your followers.
Also, look at the engagement features of a tool so that you can interact with your followers, share, like and comment right from its dashboard within it.

User experience:

It is important to ensure that social media management a tool that you choose is usable in the first place to be beneficial. That means it must be able to perform all the basic functions along with a few advanced functionality as well. If not, it can be really frustrating. If a tool can provide exceptional user experience, you will be able to carry out important tasks in a short amount of time. These tasks may include:
  • Scheduling and posting updates
  • Finding analytical data and reports and
  • Engaging with your followers.
The best way to find whether or not social media the management tool is useful is to go through different online reviews and find out what the other users have to say about the specific tool you have chosen for your need.


The tools should support most of the social media networks as your customers will not be active only on your chosen network. You will need to focus on different social media networks to get more leads and customers and hence the tool should not support one or two of the social networks you need. Otherwise, you will need to use different tools for different networks making your task tedious, cumbersome, and time taking.
Though such tools may come at a higher price the benefits that you will gain will outweigh the price factor.


While making your final choice of social media management tools, make sure you measure the ROI for your company in addition to these vital factors. This is because you should not only focus on the amount of time, money and energy on your social media management but will also need to pay close attention to the potential boost in your productivity that these tools can bring in.

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